•   Upcoming Events (Click on an event to view details and register): For all our Chapter Meeting dates, please click on the ‘Events’ link on the purple menu to the right, but below are some highlights. See you then!   February 20 – Chapter Meeting @ Barnes and Noble – NYC WINTER CONFERENCE IN REVIEW March 19 – Workshop with Guadalupe Garcia McCall on Plot Structure April 23 – Picture Book Salon – Details Coming Soon   Other Events (outside of SCBWI) :   The Writing Barn in Austin is hosting some great events in the South Austin Area. The Writing Barn is a great supporter of SCBWI, and we encourage you to attend some of their great workshops. You can view the calendar and all event details at www.thewritingbarn.com, but here are some events we think you might enjoy: February 13 – Write Away Day @ the Writing Barn March 9 – Language is the Story with Visiting Author David Elliott (PB to Adult) OFFERING A SCBWI MEMBER DISCOUNT.   Awards/ Honors: To view the guidelines, submission process, and more about the award itself, visit www.scbwi.org and click on “Awards & Grants” on the purple ribbon.   Texas SCBWI Events:   Austin:  February 13 – Empowering Young Readers Details here. Brazos Valley: February 24 – Monthly Meeting Details here. Houston:  February 1 - Characterization Details here. North Texas:  February 2 – Reading for Research with Picture Books, Middle Grade, and Young Adult Texts with Author Polly Holyoke and ReFoReMo Founder Carrie Charley Brown Details here.   Let us know if you have any news you would like to share with the chapter by emailing swtexas@scbwi.org. Tandy & Carolyn Regional Advisor & Illustrator Coordinator  
  • 2015 Illustration Contest Winner: Kite in the Sky by Samanth J. Decker           2015 Shorty Story Contest Winner: A Kite is a Story – A Story is a Kite By Lupe Ruiz-Flores          Eddie needed to write a story but didn’t know where to start. He had so many ideas bouncing around in his head that he wanted to get out. But how? His teacher had mentioned structure, plot, scenes, pacing, and so on and so on. But Eddie was more confused than ever.        He forgot all about writing when one afternoon, he and his father decided to make a kite. “We used to make homemade kites when I was young,” his father said. “It’s lots of fun.” For the kite, Eddie gathered ordinary items he found around the house—string, thin sticks, rags for the tail, glue, and newspaper from the comics section. As his father helped him, step by step, Eddie imagined his kite soaring higher than any other, moving in and out of the clouds, swaying gently with the wind. By the time, the kite was completed, Eddie already knew the exact spot where he would fly it—the vacant lot next door where no trees or telephone lines could obstruct his flying kite. And so his kite soared like he knew it would. It swayed and swooped across the sky like he had imagined. It went up so high that it disappeared behind a low cloud, then came out on the other side. As it flew higher and higher, it tugged and pulled with such force that Eddie had to hold on tightly so it wouldn’t get away from him.  When he finally reeled his kite in, it suddenly occurred to him that making a kite was similar to creating a story.  A kite is like a story; a story is like a kite, he thought.  “A good foundation is what we need,” Eddie’s father had said earlier as they formed the kite’s frame from thin sticks that Eddie had found in the woods behind his home. Just like structure. Eddie firmly tied string around the frame’s center to strengthen it. Just like a plot. Next he cut and glued the newspaper comics around the taut string that went around the frame. Sequencing scenes. The comic’s cartoon figures with dialogue and action were the characters. The strips of rags tied together to make the kite’s tail swirled and kept the kite steady. Like the pacing and flow of a storyline. Even the pulling and tugging of the flying kite reminded Eddie of revisions—changes that come and go and pull you this way and that. Could it really work? Remembering the exhilaration he felt as his kite soared into the sky, Eddie felt the same way as he imagined his stories whooshing into the wind, traveling across waters to distant places, read by people all over the world. Eddie’s imagination took off as his pen flew across the page, filling it up with magical words and amazing characters who wanted their stories told. A kite is like a story; a story is like a kite, Eddie thought, as his first story slowly found a home on his paper.  The End       © Copyright 2015. The illustrations and story content found on this page are under electronic copyright protection. No part of any work may be taken and used without explicit permission from the creator. If you have questions or concerns contact swtexas@scbwi.org.  
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The Southwest Texas chapter meets in San Antonio, serving writers and illustrators from the Alamo City all the way to the Rio Grande. We host monthly events, which include topical meetings, sketch days, workshops, social hours, and Picture Book Salons. Also, along with our fellow Texas Chapters, we host amazing webinars

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February 20 - Chapter Meeting @ Barnes and Noble - NYC Winter Conference in Review. Great for Writers, Illustrators, or Both!

March 19 - One-day Workshop with Award-Winning Author Guadalupe McCall Garcia. $25 Member, $30 Student, $35 Non-Member REGISTER HERE TODAY!

April 23 - Picture Book Salon

May 28 – Chapter Meeting @ Barnes and Noble

June 25 – Chapter Meeting @ Barnes and Noble

July 23 – Chapter Meeting @ Barnes and Noble

September 24 - Chapter Meeting @ Barnes and Noble

November 19 – Chapter Meeting @ Barnes and Noble 

December 3 – Holiday Party – Location TBD


*If you would like to see something at a Chapter Meeting, please email swtexas@scbwi.org with your ideas. We love to hear from you.